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Normal RRP is R282.00

How it works

As part of the Montego Cares COVID-19 relief efforts we are making our very popular and affordable product, Monty & Me Essential 20kg, available to the general public for online purchase, at a greatly reduced price, to donate to charity.


Simply add the "product" to your online cart and pay for it, as you would at any online store. Instead of delivering the product to you we will deliver it, at no extra cost, to your chosen charity or charities. 

* to kick off the project Montego donated 2 x 20kg bags to each participating charity.



To add a 20kg Monty & Me Essential to your cart;

Click the "Add to Cart" button below each charity's logo.


Each charity logo added to your cart represents one 20kg bag for that charity.    You can buy for multiple charities on one checkout and you can buy more than one bag per charity.

Delivery Schedule

On each Monday we will tally the orders of the previous full week to deliver in that new week.


We will supply your name and contact details to your supporting charity in order for them to contact & thank you.


We will not share your details with any other third-party nor use it for any marketing activities.